Wednesday, December 14, 2016


 Way back in September on my other blog, I participated in 's Pop Culture League challenge. In that one, I mentioned my love for the Eryops! You can see that post here!
 I am mentioning this now because many people have never heard of this ancient amphibian and since that post, I have gotten many dinosaur and amphibian books, including some with info on this beast! I thought it would be fun to share this information in 2 posts!

 Todays post is only about him and comes from a great book called "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life" by Miles Kelly. I got it a few months ago at my local Booksamillion and is available on its website as well for $10!

The great thing about this particular book is that it talks about EVERYTHING! You always get the dinosaurs and the mamals after them but rarely can you find info about the magnificent creatures (other than the dimetrodon which for some reason people think came out during the age of the dinosaurs, probably thanks to shows like Dino-Riders!) that roamed the Earth before them! I highly recommend this book!

I might share some more pages in the future as I really love this book and hope sharing the info might get those interested in this era to learn about this book to. Today however I am sharing the eryops pages for those who want to know about him!

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